Ueli Maurer: Switzerland does not get a new Blockchain law

There will be no new blockchain law in Switzerland. At least according to Finance Minister Ueli Maurer. This was announced by the SVP member at the Infrachain in Bern. Nevertheless, the country does not want to miss out on European integration.

The Infrachain is a blockchain conference that is somewhat out of line. Instead of the usual focus on the future of (international) financial technology, the Swiss capital will focus on the needs of public administration and infrastructure operators. In short: all areas that blockchain technology can revolutionize with more efficiency and cost reduction. To discuss this potential, representatives from industry and government met in Bern on 3 December.

Ueli Maurer wants to adapt laws for crypto trader

Ueli Maurer, Switzerland’s Finance Minister, spoke on the subject of crypto trader regulation. According to http://www.onlinebetrug.de/crypto-trader-review, there should be no new law for blockchain technology. Rather, the government wants to adapt existing laws in order to meet the new requirements of the technology. The Blockchain Task Force, which was set up in January, now has two weeks to provide the necessary documents.

According to the magazine, a total of six laws are about to be changed. These include the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Bankruptcy Act – according to Ueli Maurer, the necessary adjustments are to be introduced before the end of this year. After all, it is also important not to miss the European blockchain race.

Don’t miss the boat

Countries such as Malta and Liechtenstein are making efforts to achieve effective and attractive regulation. They offer tax incentives for young blockchain start-ups. In Germany, the authorities are not yet quite as united as in Switzerland. But at least there is already a plan to bring early regulation to the German Bitcoin scene. In any case, there is plenty of fertile soil for this.